Comfort and Style

Comfort and Style


Once you go Birk, you’ll never go back.  I’m all grown up now.  I have three children, a crap load of bills and I am officially the owner of Birkenstocks (Thanks SMILLs).  My family visited Walt Disney World last week and I knew it was going to involve lots of walking and standing on long sweaty lines.  In the past I have been comfortable in a pair of Havaianas or ballerina flats, that is until my previous visit where at the end of the night I felt as if there were screws going into the heels of my feet and my back was aching.  HELLLOOOOO age!  I knew that this time I was going to have to get serious about my footwear.  When it is hot as all hell outside, my feet begin to feel a bit claustrophobic to the confined space of sneakers.  Thank you Jesus for Birkenstocks.  If you have ever been hesitant, stop, buy them, be them and wear socks with them if you have to.  These shoes are a god send.

“White jeans?  That’s brave.”  Hi hater.  Yes, I wear white jeans when I’m with my kids and in a theme park.  So what?  Trust me when I say that I will probably spill something on it before my kids get to them and even then, idgaf.  I recently discovered the High Rise fit by J.Crew.  I can’t believe it’s taken me so long.  These jeans are awesome if you have a baby left over situation going on in your mid-section plus, they are high rise so you can bend and touch your toes without worrying about crack as much as you’d like.  We all know, crack is wack.

I like a tank with some length.  This tank by Lulu’s is great because it is flowy and has a ginormous pocket for your sunglasses.  I’m the girl who should have grown up in a bubble and have the oddest allergies.  For instance, I’m allergic to the sun.  Yes, that’s a real thing.  If I soak in the rays for 5 minutes I break out in a rash and hives.  Jealous?  You should be.  I have to wear a hat to protect my face from the sun and this cute little number has gone a long way with me.  I wear it all summer long and have gotten a real bang for my buck.

Happy Shopping!


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