7 Ways to say Farewell to Summer Vacation


I’ve got that summer time sadness and so do my children.  We have been setting up our home and schedules for back to school. Bulletins are up, sitters are scheduled and all summer clothes that will not fit next year has been packed.  Still, there are a few official summer vacation nights left and we have plans to squeeze the heat out of them all before it all ends.  Here are my favorite ways to say Farewell to Summer Vacation.




1.  Make wishes for next summer with paper Lanterns.  Wish for more pool days, more sun, more outdoor movie nights, more park days, the possibilities are endless.  If you’re anything like me and do not trust making them, you can purchase them here.


2.  I just want a s’more summer.  Have a s’more night!  We all know I am not the mom that is going to build a fire to make s’mores but I am the mom that will buy the s’more microwave kits!  Judge me, I don’t care.  I swear they are delicious.  Check out this microwave recipe from the OG of good ol’ American chocolate, Hershey’s.


3.  One last hoorah.  Whether it’s a trip to the beach right before school starts, your favorite water or theme park, one more late night family slumber party, end summer vacation with a bang and memory.  My dad used to take us to the Jersey Shore every year before the first day of school.  I will never forget it.

4.  Sundae Sundays.  Set up your very own fixin’s bar with Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, M&Ms with Peanuts, cookie crumbs, basically all of my personal favorites because if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy and celebrate the last Sunday before school starts together.  Find out what they are looking forward to on their first day and new grade.  Which friends are they looking forward to seeing?  Which ones are they NOT looking forward to seeing…  My daughter is allergic to lactose, not to be confused with a lactose intolerance which is what my son and I have.  We are always fully stocked with Breyer’s and Lactaid Lactose free ice cream and Tequila of course.

Parenting 101: Everything should always be kept in its place. #parenting #anotherdayanotherdiaper

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5.  I cannot say farewell to summer vacation without a picnic in Central Park.  I’ve been doing it all my life and having children didn’t stop the tradition.  Moving amongst the bridge and tunnel crowd made it more difficult but every year we squeeze in that picnic no matter what the parking consequences may be.  If you can’t make it to central park or any park for that matter, move the picnic indoors and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about bugs or rats.

Photo Credit: @NYCRobyn my favorite Upper East Sider

Photo Credit: @NYCRobyn, my favorite Upper East Sider.

6.  Summer time capsule.  Have each member of the family write out their top five summer memories and then put them in an envelope to open again at the end of summer vacation next year.  It’s fun to see when one person’s favorite memory become’s their worst the next year.  I’m just saying, you may have laughed at your sister when she peed her pants last year and she may have laughed at you when you did the same this year.


7. One last water play! Grab the bathing suits, stained summer clothes and get out there and drench your family in the best water balloon fight ever! Purchase the Balloon Bonanza so that you can fill a crap ton of balloons in seconds.  There’s no way that mom should not end this war victorious.  Use buckets, your hose, anything that will give you the upper hand. Choose teams and make it an all out war!

Ohhhhh those summer, niiiiiiiiiiiights!

I hope you have all enjoyed your summer as much I have. For more great Labor Day ideas, be sure to check out these awesome posts written by my fellow Chosen Chix bloggers:


  1. We’re cutting it close this year with our final goodbye to summer! Universal in Orlando!!! Should be a ton of fun.

  2. I’m really going to miss summer. We got to do quite a bit of traveling and visited 2 countries. The though of it coming to an end makes me sad.


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