Back to School in Minted Condition

Minted Naming LabelsShopping for school supplies on Back to school week is a little like shopping for Christmas gifts on December 24th.  There’s a list that must be fulfilled and a parent behind it that will do anything to get it.  I might have nose dived for the last pink butterfly soft pencil pouch.  My husband says I pushed.  I didn’t.  There was just one butterfly pencil pouch left and it was obviously mine.  I also tried to tap into a black market for composition books and vinyl folders.  You gotta do, what you gotta do.  The next step was labeling.  This year Minted helped me send my kids back to school with the most chic customizable name labels ever.  Minted has even made it easier for your little ones who do not know how to read yet and offer labels that you can personalize with a picture of them.
My absolute favorite part of these new Minted Name Labels is that you can fall in love with a design and then fall in love all over again when you choose from the options available to customize.  My daughter loves mermaids, dance and talking back to me.  She also asks why she can’t ever find a mermaid with dark hair.  That’s why when I saw that Minted offered customizable options where you can change the hair or skin color on some of their name labels, I knew the brown haired mermaid label had to happen.  I didn’t even have to push anyone out of the way.  Okay, fine.  I pushed.  All’s fair in back to school shopping war.
Minted has also created name labels for the more mature crowd.  If your middle schooler is too cool to have a dump truck on his notebook, he can always get one of these options.  The new name labels are so beautifully designed which is a Minted standard and work for all ages (even Mom ages).  If you want more information or to order your customized labels of your own, visit their website at

*Disclaimer: Product provided by Minted.  All opinions are that of my own.


  1. oooh I love these labels! Andre isn’t into the “kiddie” looking things anymore since he’s a 4th grader now. These would be very mature for him. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are some cool looking labels! I love the colorfulness

  3. So cool! So different from my days as a kid with boring black and white labels!

  4. LOVE these! just ordered some for Max!

  5. I love the labels that you chose. I will have to check Minted out.

  6. These are so cute! And this post is right on time since my supply is low, if they have anything dinosaur Chunks will LOVE!

  7. You’re right! Back-to-school shopping can be a little intense. Too many options and cool items just drains my debit card account. I don’t really give thought to labeling my kids’ school stuff, but maybe I will this time. Thanks for the suggestion, Elle!

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