Pump and Dump

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Crass, dirty and continuously questioning why the F your kid won’t go to sleep, that’s parenting.
Oh, you thought it was all unicorns and rainbows? Well, sometimes it literally is because your kid has drawn a freaking rainbow on your nude patent leather Jimmy Choos and while parenting is also heartwarming and fulfilling most times (I’m lying), this isn’t about those times. It’s about the f’d up times. As a mom who loves to miss her children, I cannot wait to see The Pump and Dump Validation Tour on September 30th at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City! I mean, validation to be a crass parent? Yes, please!

You know when you actually take your valuable time and make a homemade meal for your children and you are denied? While the words, “Mommy worked really hard on this meal, just take one bite.” What you are really thinking is, “You ate this ish for 7 days straight last week, eat your f-ng food!” Well, there’s a song for that! Comedian/musicians and TheBump.com contributors Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee created this musical comedy show which promises a raucous parents’ night out for you to laugh away the most miserable of kid-filled days over cocktails. 

This hilarious evening will be filled with irreverent, parenthood-inspired comedy set to original music, with plenty of parental commiseration and swoon-worthy prizes.

You can also follow the Pump and Dump on Instagram where you can get a taste of the show and see note cards completed by audience members that will make your kids seem normal.  And for an even bigger teaser, I have posted a short video of what the show entails below.

The Pump and Dump Validation Tour might be in your hood next!  The next city up after New York is Nashville!  For more upcoming shows and a full tour schedule, click here.

There is still time to join this parents’ night out extravaganza!  You can purchase your tickets here and  hold hands, laugh and perfect our selfies with your new parent bestie throughout the whole show.

For Tickets Please visit:  http://gothamcomedyclub.com/event.cfm?id=404211.



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