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Enlight1-4In the words of William Shakespeare, “better 3 hours too soon than a minute to late”.  Since becoming a parent, I treasure even the seconds that time has to offer.  That’s why I don’t cook, I make reservations.  My favorite simple solution to carving out time with my children?  Having someone else do the grocery shopping, cooking, clean up and dessert by planning a dinner date with my family.
Garlic, red sauce and garlic, those were a few of my favorite things.  I was diagnosed with GERD almost 10 years ago, since then I have had to completely change my diet.  Is this a first world problem?  Perhaps, but coming from a culture where garlic is the base for every meal, I had to not only change my diet, I had to change my entire family’s diet.  Enlight1

My children recently wanted to visit our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.  I knew I was walking into a losing battle.  There was just no way that once those chips and salsa were set in front of my face that I could possibly NOT inhale them.  However, since I take Nexium 24 Hour for my frequent heartburn, I knew I was ready for battle.IMG_0790

Antacids, Laxatives and Adult Undergarments?  Sounds like I’m in the right aisle.    My experience at Walgreens is always a quick and easy one due to their large and clear signage on every aisle as well as their very helpful staff members who are always willing to lend a hand.  Because of this, I was able to make a B-line to what I needed this afternoon and it allowed me more time to enjoy with my family.

I was able to enjoy my carnitas (priorities) and soak in the conversation, jokes and true magic that a good time with your children is.  I was able to enjoy them without the distraction of heartburn, dishes or crumbs.  I am thankful that I was able to experience such a magical evening due to one simple solution, reservations.


My simple solutions allow me to soak them all in.

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