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My definition of a healthy lifestyle does not involve kale chips or a gluten free diet.  I’m too lazy to work out so it doesn’t involve any exercise either.  My idea of a healthy lifestyle starts with the mind and soul.
I have a reason to be bitter and angry every single day.  Every morning I wake up to someone whining, fighting or looking for a shoe.  If I’m truly unlucky, I get a combination of all three.  My beauty blender is sometimes found in a toilet, my toothpaste squeezed out of the bottle and many times the last clean blouse that I have left gets a bowl of Lucky Charms spilled all over it.  However, as much as I resemble a screaming banshee (every single f-ng morning), I know that there are great things surrounding me.  This is why I take time to reflect on all the positive things in my life and I promise that reflecting on the following 5 things will help anyone be more appreciative of life.

1.  Five Senses – I can taste Diet Coke.  I can smell rain.  I can hear happiness.  I can feel the touch of my children’s hands in mine and as bitter sweet as it is, I can see them grow.

2.  Ain’t Nobody Got Time – Staying positive while adulting is hard and in order to keep my mind as healthy as possible, I eliminate all negativity and surround yourself with positive images, people and of course, unicorns.  If someone wants to kill my sparkle by whining, I send them to someone who gets paid to listen.  You want to complain?  Go see a therapist.  You want to go through your day and highlight all the negative instead of the positive?  Go see a therapist or three.

3.  Health – I may have a few ailments but I’m here and so is my family.  I can stand on my own two feet and even though I am saving my energy for the Zombie Apocalypse, if I wanted to, I CAN run.  There is nothing in this world that will show you how grateful you should be for health than seeing yourself or a loved one struggling with theirs.
Health = #Blessed
New Steve Maddens = #YourIdeaofBlessingsAreAllMessedUp

4.  A Sense of Humor – I like to laugh and find humor in almost everything, even myself.  It’s my coping mechanism and when I really need to re-group, you may find me taking some time in my office (bathroom) scrolling through the videos on my children’s iPad or binge watching Buzzfeed videos <-Not a plug, promise.

5.  Love – I’m thankful that as difficult of a human being that I am, I am loved.  My dad still picks up my favorite cookies.  My daughters make sure they call me if they hear my favorite song on the radio.  My son gives me the best hugs in the world and my husband always makes sure that we are fully stocked on Diet Dr.Pepper and Diet Coke.

Let me know 5 positive things that you reflect on every day in the comments below.

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