Disney’s Elena of Avalor

This is a sponsored collaboration by DiMe Media and Disney.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Ya Elena llego!  Bienvenidos, Elena! We are so happy to have you. I am so proud to be able to say that Disney has a new Princess in town and she is a Latina. You guys, all my life I told myself that The Little Mermaid was a Latina. She practices for her quince, has a lot of siblings and tried to get a hook up from a shady person. But, it was never confirmed or denied but now, Disney has provided us with all the validation we need because Elena is very, very Latina and this. is. groundbreaking.
The importance of family is a very common root of the Latino culture.  Many of us wouldn’t even think of celebrating holidays with anyone else but our family and some of us even consider hot dogs and burgers the appetizer at a bar-be-cue but that’s neither here nor there.  I had goose bumps watching the premiere of Elena of Avalor on Disney this past Friday and when I saw that her grandparents were also in the picture, I had tears.  Yes, tears!
Like Elena, I grew up very close to my family.  My grandmother was a staple in my life, she was more than a family member, she was an additional mother.  I have never been able to explain the bond I had with my grandmother but know that she was definitely part of my council and I ran every decision from whether or not I should study abroad to what I should wear on a Friday night by her and she was always brutally honest… Especially on Friday nights. My bond with her was so strong that now as a married 21+13 year old woman, I didn’t exile my husband when he surprised me with the purchase of a house… wait for it… 5 houses down from my parents. I didn’t freak out because I knew the reason behind his secret decision. This may not have been our dream home but it was the home that would provide our children with the opportunity to create the same bonds I had.  Like me, my children will have the importance of family engrained in them and there is no 5 bedroom, 4 bath colonial house in this world that will ever provide that.

No worries, we are already in the market for an Isabel costume.

To celebrate the arrival of Elena we made crafts and I made a really sorry attempt at making Horchata. I had just tried it for the first time ever thanks to my friend, Alex who took me out for Tacos in LA. So good! We also dressed up, put together scepters and Sophia made a beautiful flower headband out of paper. So impressed. She didn’t get her craft skills from me, that’s for sure.
Make sure to tune in for Elena of Avalor’s latest royal adventures on the Disney Channel on Fridays at 7:30pm ET/6:30 pm CT and 7:30 pm PT!

He’ll grow into the Elena costume eventually.

This August Elena will make her official debut and like my daughter Sophia said, “She’s not fluffy” meaning, she is not a stuffed animal like the other Disney Jr characters you see at Disney.  She’s real, she’s Latina and she is here! You can see her royal debut at Walt Disney World Resort on Thursday, August 11 at 11am EST / 8am PST. Gather your familia and catch the LIVE STREAM of her Royal Welcome at Magic Kingdom on the @Disney, @ElenaOfAvalor, @DisneyPrincess, @DisneyChannel, & @DisneyJunior Facebook pages or the @Disney YouTube channel! Don’t miss out on her crowning moment! Bienvenidos, Elena, please stay a while.

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