7 Reasons Why the Disney Memory Maker is Life

While planning our Disney vacation, I was a little weary about adding the Memory Maker to our package. It was still a pretty new element and not too many of my Disney peeps were able to give me feedback on it. Finally, I figured if I loved using the Disney Photo Pass feature so much, why not give it a try.  And besides, Disney has never done me wrong, Disney has never disappointed so why not? Best. Decision. Ever.

The Memory Maker stored all of our pictures via our magic bands and once our kids were in bed my husband and I would check out all the shots of the day and download them onto our computer.  All we had left to do was find a few Disney exclusive frames and save the time that we used to spend selecting and printing pictures to pack in more experiences. If you are thinking about it, don’t think, just do it. It’s absolutely worth it. Okay, enough talking, here are 7 reasons why the Disney Memory Maker is LIFE.

1. Fairy Dust. Instead of paying for all of the iconic pictures that are sprinkled with fairy dust separately, you now have an unlimited amount of pictures with Tinkerbell appearing in the palm of your hand in Magic Kingdom and Stitch photobombing you at Hollywood Studios.


2. We are a family of five and someone is always literally left out of the picture. It was so nice to be able to have all of us included in one shot. We took advantage of every Photo Pass station and ended up with (complete) family photos. Not everyone looked at the camera each time and no one told me that even though I thought my curls were on fleek they were actually on frizz but I digress, we are all in the same picture and that’s all that matters but in my defense, it was August in Orlando and humidity won.


3. Magic Moments. While I was focusing on my daughter’s reaction during her big reveal at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, the photographers were able to catch my genuine reaction to her happiness. Kris Jenner moment? Yes.  Am I ashamed? No.


4. Good Parenting. There is nothing like having your great parenting milestones caught on camera and my husband laughing at my daughter’s fear throughout her first ride on the Rock’n’Roller Coaster is definitely a milestone that none of us ever want to forget.


5. It’s included! We were prepared to pay separately for the photo package at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique but it was already included in our Magic Memory package. How can I work this deal out for their quinceañeras?


6. Children don’t listen. You know how it goes, “Over here! Look at mommy! Smile! Smile for mommy! Mommy has invested a lot of money and energy in this memory! SMILE FOR ME!!” Perhaps that’s just me.  My kids would look into the camera and listen to the direction given by the photographer when they were in the pics solo. This gave us so many great pictures of our kids meeting their favorite Disney characters. Here is Baron with his squad, Woody and Buzz.


7. Surprises. The best thing that we received from adding the Memory Maker to our vacation package was this video. We had no idea it was even available until we looked through our pictures on the computer that evening.  I hate thrill rides but my middle child promised that she would keep me safe if I rode the Tower of Terror with her so of course, like my c-section and class trips, I made the sacrifice. If this doesn’t seal the deal for you, I don’t know what will.

For more information on the Disney Memory Maker, visit the official Disney site here.



  1. I get one every time I go! I love photos and it’s the only way I get to be in photos with JustaBXgirl. Plus at some point no matter how many portable chargers you bring to Disney your phone will die and then you won’t have a way to take photos.

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