Join us in an Enchanted Slumber

I’m about to give it to you real and organic. Baron is a little obsessed with his new Enchanted Slumber All-In-One organic sleeper. Not gonna lie, I am too and that’s because like every other genius idea out there, this product was created by a mother.  Anna Spanton observed the struggle that we all hate to know so well.     Oh, you don’t struggle? Well, let me paint a picture, you are dropping off your child at daycare or school and you are schlepping a ginormous bag, a pillow, a blanket, another blanket, a stuffed animal or in our case a super hard dinosaur and God knows what else? Our struggle inspired Anna to design a super soft, handcrafted cozy sleeper that includes a quilted pad, a blanket covering and a lavender-scented buckwheat pillow.
Everything from the packaging to the fabrics and materials chosen are not only beautiful but also good for our environment. Enchanted Slumber also solves a major health impact with a non-toxic solution to foam nap mats that contain flame retardants.  Yes, I didn’t know that foam nap mats contained flame retardants either! My favorite parts about this brand is that a portion of every sale helps donate gifts and goods to children in need AND they are made in the USA! USA! USA! The prints are sleek and timeless.  It will take some time for anyone to grow out of them. I mean, I would wear any of the prints available now.  And, did I mention that the fabric is super soft and soothing? Because the fabric is super soft and soothing.
Baron’s favorite place to use his sleeper is in his teepee. He loves cuddling with his toys and would hang  for hours if I let him. P.S. I totally let him. I enjoy watching him make memories in a product that I know is safe and free of toxins. He will be using his sleeper for years to come and is already taking it over to grandma’s house.  This past year the All-In-One Organic Sleeper won the SafBaby Best Product Award and the Green Scene Mom Award.


For more information on Enchanted Slumber, visit their website here and let me know which pattern you like best.

Disclosure: A sample of the product was provided by Enchanted slumber for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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