For the Love of Reading

My first and honored son.

Once upon a time there lived a young girl who would one day grow up go to college and become a maid, chauffeur, hairstylist and “the best story reader.” I’m not sure if my husband does a bad job at acting out the mom voice in Tikki Tikki Tembo or if I just really am the best story reader ever.

There are several phrases that every parent does not want to hear at bedtime. “I’m thirsty.” “I have to pee.” “Tuck me in.” “Don’t tuck me in.” and the list goes on but one phrase that no matter how done you are for the day and no matter how much all you want to do is punch out and watch snapchat stories while sitting in your bathroom office, when your child says, “One more story” you make that ish happen. You make a very short story happen but nonetheless.

It should be no surprise that I love children’s books. Like, love on another level. My danger zone is not the shoe department at Neimans, it’s the children’s section at a bookstore. If you never thought that a love for books is not dangerous, leave me alone at a bookstore… with your wallet. It’s my happy place and that’s why I have done my best to pass my love down to my children. Reading time is precious, it is never forced. Some people give video games and ice cream as rewards, in our family, we give books.

Last week Baron slept in his room all week to earn a book. I was aiming for him to select a new pop-up book for me to add to my collection but of course, all he wanted was a Spanish version of a Star Wars book and…  it was PAPERBACK! AHHHH! Whatever, I purchased it for him and he loves it. We crack up reading it and he has picked up on a few Spanish sayings that I wouldn’t normally say including, “No mas, muchacha!”.

The power of a story is phenomenal. It can inspire you to love and even hate. One of my favorite books to read to my children when they are being jerks (they all have their moments) is, “Martha doesn’t say sorry!“. This book does not receive all the recognition it deserves. It’s illustrations are funny and it’s also a short story that gets right to the point. The classic Ferdinand sends a message to not judge a book by it’s cover.  Sure Ferdinand is a brolic bull but he’s a gentle, brolic soul. He doesn’t want to mess with the Matador. Who would? Matador literally translates to killer. Ferdinand doesn’t have time to head butt with other bulls, he’s too smart for that ish. He’s chill, he wants to smell flowers and in the end, gets to live happily ever after.

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