About Me

Elle About FINALI’m a c-section having, formula feeding, microwave using, McDonald’s frequenting mom who loves to miss her children and is too lazy to do any crafts on her Pinterest list.  As horrible as I may seem, I will give my arms, legs and life for my children.  I love to miss my children.  I’m married to a great guy but this isn’t about him or how great he is.  It’s about how much this college educated, ex-NYC party girl sarcastically deals with parenting and not allowing anyone out there to make her feel less than for taking store bought bake goods to the bake sale.  Ain’t nobody got time…
I live a middle class and pretty fabulous American life.  I mean, I have a private chef that goes by the name, Boyardee.  I drive a swagger wagon where I’m sure science experiments are being created in the third row as we speak and I will neither confirm nor deny that I have pulled my kids out of school early because I wanted to take advantage of the Saks Friends and Family sale.
If you want to feel great about your parenting, stay a while.





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