Back to School in Minted Condition

Shopping for school supplies on Back to school week is a little like shopping for Christmas gifts on December 24th.  There’s a list that must be fulfilled and a parent behind it that will do anything to get it.  I might have nose dived for the last pink butterfly soft pencil pouch.  My husband says I […]

The Berenstain Bears LIVE!

I married Papa Bear.  We watched the Berenstain Bears Live a few weeks ago and my husband and I laughed so hard because him and Papa Bear follow the same diet of sugary sweets.  It was an early Saturday morning for us and instead of us dozing off, we were all very involved and entertained […]

Honey! Breakfast is ready!

“Work smarter, not harder.”  I usually say that to cover up the fact that I am lazy. I will not deny it and I am not ashamed. I am not the mom that is going to wake up two hours earlier than my family to make Paleo pancakes and go to my chicken coop to […]


Yes, they have done it again. The innovative geniuses at Tiggly have created yet another phenomenal interactive educational app called, Tiggly Words.  I’m all about not feeling mom guilt and this app allows me to throw  hand a tablet to my children and know that their brains soaking in knowledge and not surprise egg videos.  How […]

Amazinghood with Dreft

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMe Media and Dreft. All opinions are 100% mine. The moment a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes a mother. She cares for the little sesame seed that is growing inside of her by watching what she eats, walking with a little more caution, going through millions […]

Hola Vi and Va!

“But… I don’t want to be Teresa.”  Only a Latina knows the struggle of playing with dolls with your friends and being voluntold to be the only ethnic doll in the bunch.  Ugh… I hated that!  Vi and Va is a new line of dolls that can be found at Target which are is inspired by Latino […]

Fake it until you make it with Belli Skin Care

OB/Gyn tested and approved.   The moment a woman becomes pregnant, she worries.  Can I still do sit ups?  Can I take a Tylenol for my major headache?  Are allergy pills safe?  Can I use deodorant (I really have a friend that wondered that, never got close enough to smell her though)?  The great part […]

LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin

It’s Spring Break season!!!  That means a bunch of families are taking vacations and staycations all over the place.  Judge me if you may but nothing makes my time with my family more enjoyable than when my children are ignoring me and that is why I always save new games for these circumstances LEGO Ninjago: Shadow […]

Imagination Movers come to New Jersey!

Are you ready to rock?  Are you ready to see a rock band that has performed at the White House for two presidents live on stage?  Great, because the Emmy award winning rock band, Imagination Movers are coming to New Jersey!  If you have children, the chances are that you have caught yourself humming the tune […]

The Curse of Princess Ivy

I was the girl in the village doin’ alright and I became a princess overnight!”  Don’t we all wish, Sofia…  Don’t we all wish…  Let’s just keep it rated G here and say that Princess Ivy is not very nice or as my daughters would say, “pure evil”.  We are huge fans of Sofia the First […]