Miles from Tomorrowland!

Miles! Miles from Tomorrowland! Are my children the only ones that sing this song all day? Am I the only adult that sings this song all day? Even when I’m not with my children? Out loud? We are a Disney loving family and my son’s current fascination with outer space could not come at a […]

Sneak peek of Disney’s Cinderella

A dream is a wish your heart makes…  But when you own glass slippers, who needs to dream?  On Tuesday night my daughters and I had a long awaited girl’s night out.  We were invited to watch an early showing of Disney’s Cinderella hosted by The Moms, Oral B and Crest.  My girls dressed up […]

Night at the (Gutierrez) Museum

Long, long ago in a world where the 1 and 9 trains both existed, this girl visited the American Museum of Natural history at least twice a year with her classroom and way too many times with my family.  My tiny cross color and fanny pack wearing feet walked through the hall of North American […]

Henry & Me

There are a few things that my father taught by the age of 7. 1. Any argument can be ended with a good F-U that comes right from the gut. 2. Never give a man more than 2 years for a proposal. and 3. There are two types of people in New York. There are […]

Walking with Dinosaurs…

Go ahead, call me Ross Gellar because if you know me, you know I love dinosaurs.  It’s odd, I know but the power behind these ginormous beings that used to chill on our earth is amazing to me.  Can you imagine waking up, looking out your window and seeing a giant lizard peeking into your […]