Read to Me

It is with great pleasure that I introduce a section on my blog that is dedicated to something I have adored my entire life, children’s literature. I am grateful that my grandparents raised my mother to love literature which in turn prompted her to raise my siblings and I with a deep love for books.

Before ever becoming a parent, I would sit in the children’s section of Barnes and Nobles and look through a huge stack of books on a bad day. It reminded me of the times that I had no worries and would just look forward to my mom or dad reading me my favorite Frosty the Snowman book or learning a little more about the Berenstein Bears. Reading would open up possibilities that I never knew existed like, how marvelous must it be for  Eloise to live in the Plaza hotel? Children’s books have gifted me in so many ways and I hope that I can help them do the same for you.

This year my blog has presented me with the opportunity to gain access to advanced copies of several children’s books. This is the best part of this gig! I get to read, touch and share something that is so dear to me. So, without further ado, here we go!