You down with PPD? My ride with Postpartum Depression.

Yeah you know me!  Say it loud, say it proud!  I have hopped on the Postpartum depression roller coaster three times.  Call me controversial but I am convinced that every single woman that goes through the grueling pregnancy process goes through some sort of PPD.  The problem is that if we do not talk about it, women […]

Let him be a dad

There is a baby boom going on in my cohort. FINALLY!!!!!! I am so excited for my friends and friends of friends who are starting or have just started their families. I get texts, emails and phone calls from them asking me what my best advice is, which stroller I like best, how to lose […]

Furry Mommy vs Human Mommy

“Baron insists on using a diaper and won’t pee on the wee wee pad.  Ridiculous!”, yeah, that’s how I’m going to start commenting the next time someone starts talking about their furry baby when I’m talking about my child.  My HUMAN child, perhaps furry but still, I can’t lock in him a cage with kibbles […]

(balls to the wall) Breastfeeding, 101:

So, you are having a baby and you’ve been told what the rest of us have been told: “Breast is best!” You believe them. We all do. We all did. I remember when I was 8.5 mos pregnant with my first and my husband and I signed up for a ‘Breastfeeding 101’ class at the […]

Hospital Bag Must Haves

I have three children which makes me the don dada amongst my friends when it comes to anything baby including packing a hospital bag. So, without further adieu, I present to you the BEST hospital bag list known to man put together by me, the don dada of anything baby. 1. Wipes I don’t care […]