My mother and I went out to lunch, we began talking about the difficulties of being a woman and she looked at me straight in the face and said, “I feel like I have failed you all as a mother.”  Now, I wasn’t sure if I should pity her, be highly offended that she was looking […]

“I don’t want no stretch marks on my belli”

  “Cuz your belli so belli-licious for your bayyybaaaaahhh” You’re so vain….  (I know, two songs in one post, I can’t help myself!)  Not gonna lie, my best friend and I love loving ourselves.  Now, I’m not saying that I expect wind in the hair every time I walk in the room just that it […]

Guns blazin’

If  you are going to come back, there is no other way to do it then with a giant bang and that is why I am coming back with a fun little thing I did at the Blogher conference in San Jose, CA this summer.  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a plethora of […]

Back to School Backpack Guide

BTS Backpack Guide by mrselleg featuring backpacks bags Backpacks bag / Backpacks bag / Food storage container / Mackenzie Gray Cheetah Backpacks / Mackenzie Blue Dino Backpacks / Mackenzie Gray Cheetah Lunch Bags / Jake and the Never Land Pirates Backpack Personalizable / Darth Vader Star Wars Backpack Personalizable / Darth Vader Star Wars Lunch […]

Tour de NYC Part One

There is nothing like summer in New York City.  The humidity, the feeling of the hot exhaust coming from a car when you are crossing the street.  The funk.  The sweaty stranger who rubs his sweat up against you on a busy cross street.  And on weekends, while many New Yorkers go to the Hamptons, […]

My baby is now full term!

Well, that stung a little.  I was pregnant earlier this year and my pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage which also resulted in the removal of my right fallopian tube and ovary.  Which then resulted in a week of Percocets, Orange is the New Black, Scandal and milkshakes (thanks Susie).  I know, the baby was only […]

How to book a quiet flight

Prepare to be amazed! Do you want to know how NOT to book a flight and be near a screaming child? WELL! Here’s a tip for you! Book a charter! Fly Private! Other than that, have a seat and shut the hell up. On my way to San Jose, CA I was on a 5 hour […]

The Raging Beast

Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman.  You fell in love with her smile and charm.  You got married and soon after, she was expecting.  Then, came an evil and raging beast called hormones and the ish hit the fan. No one understands the hormonal craziness that goes on during a pregnancy more […]

Ah-hah, Push it…

Push that push present!  I remember when I could count the number of weeks to my scheduled c-section on my two hands. I was terrified.  Even though it was my third go round, I had some serious anxiety.  I had not done a thing for the tiny alien invader that would soon join our family. […]

Drivers wanted

I have reached a stage of motherhood that I was never warned about.  On most days I feel more like a personal assistant and chauffeur than anything else.  Long gone are the days of enjoying my children because now they have something to do every day of the week and most of the time on […]