You down with PPD? My ride with Postpartum Depression.

Yeah you know me!  Say it loud, say it proud!  I have hopped on the Postpartum depression roller coaster three times.  Call me controversial but I am convinced that every single woman that goes through the grueling pregnancy process goes through some sort of PPD.  The problem is that if we do not talk about it, women […]

12 reasons why Joan Holloway GETS Motherhood.

I’ve been a major fan of Mad Men from the very beginning. My husband and I even dress up when the program returns from hiatus and with this being the last season, I noticed something this past Sunday. Joan totally get’s motherhood and here is why. 1. She judges women who have a birth plan. […]


I attended my very good friend, who I have adopted as a little sister’s baby shower yesterday.  If you follow me on Instagram, you noticed the insta-overload that came upon me.  You know how baby showers are: everything is soft, everything is beautiful, the mom to be is glowing and gorgeous and everyone has some […]