Miles from Tomorrowland!

Miles! Miles from Tomorrowland! Are my children the only ones that sing this song all day? Am I the only adult that sings this song all day? Even when I’m not with my children? Out loud? We are a Disney loving family and my son’s current fascination with outer space could not come at a […]

Imagination Movers come to New Jersey!

Are you ready to rock?  Are you ready to see a rock band that has performed at the White House for two presidents live on stage?  Great, because the Emmy award winning rock band, Imagination Movers are coming to New Jersey!  If you have children, the chances are that you have caught yourself humming the tune […]

The Curse of Princess Ivy

I was the girl in the village doin’ alright and I became a princess overnight!”  Don’t we all wish, Sofia…  Don’t we all wish…  Let’s just keep it rated G here and say that Princess Ivy is not very nice or as my daughters would say, “pure evil”.  We are huge fans of Sofia the First […]

Back to School Backpack Guide

BTS Backpack Guide by mrselleg featuring backpacks bags Backpacks bag / Backpacks bag / Food storage container / Mackenzie Gray Cheetah Backpacks / Mackenzie Blue Dino Backpacks / Mackenzie Gray Cheetah Lunch Bags / Jake and the Never Land Pirates Backpack Personalizable / Darth Vader Star Wars Backpack Personalizable / Darth Vader Star Wars Lunch […]

Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast

I drive a swagger wagon, my daughters fight like cats and dogs and my son loves to throw temper tantrums at the most convenient times like when I’m driving and he’s buckled into his car seat.  It really makes my driving experience super pleasurable.  You may think that a swagger wagon is the most uncool […]

Do you believe in mermaids?

Since yesterday was such a beautiful day, I decided to make it a Sofia the First afternoon.  My girls came home to their Sofia the First costumes and a few activities planned.  They quickly finished their homework, changed into their ball gowns and the fun began.  We printed out some free Sofia the first activities from […]

I want a cuddle…

“I feel better, so much better now.”  The last two years my home has turned into a mini clinic for all things made in china.  My daughters want to cure the ouchies on everything from their American Girl dolls to their Duffy teddy bears and sometimes I even find my son lying on the dinner […]

Minivan Wars

Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Round 1, fight!  My daughters have turned into two little humans that I no longer recognize.  I am sure that they have been in contact with the infamous Don King because it seems as if every 15 minutes they are around one another, they break into the most ridiculous fights.  They fight […]