Night at the (Gutierrez) Museum

Long, long ago in a world where the 1 and 9 trains both existed, this girl visited the American Museum of Natural history at least twice a year with her classroom and way too many times with my family.  My tiny cross color and fanny pack wearing feet walked through the hall of North American […]

Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast

I drive a swagger wagon, my daughters fight like cats and dogs and my son loves to throw temper tantrums at the most convenient times like when I’m driving and he’s buckled into his car seat.  It really makes my driving experience super pleasurable.  You may think that a swagger wagon is the most uncool […]

We don’t shake our tushies in Minnesota!

That’s not what I heard!  We had a little Rio Slumber party the other night filled with coloring, crosswords that made my middle child act just like a middle child, being called out by my daughter and told that my Samba dancing looked like tap dancing and more. Rio. Riiiiio, still l can’t get that […]

I want a cuddle…

“I feel better, so much better now.”  The last two years my home has turned into a mini clinic for all things made in china.  My daughters want to cure the ouchies on everything from their American Girl dolls to their Duffy teddy bears and sometimes I even find my son lying on the dinner […]

Walking with Dinosaurs…

Go ahead, call me Ross Gellar because if you know me, you know I love dinosaurs.  It’s odd, I know but the power behind these ginormous beings that used to chill on our earth is amazing to me.  Can you imagine waking up, looking out your window and seeing a giant lizard peeking into your […]