5 Fab Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

I’m cheap and I hate crowds.  This means that vacationing during my spring break is pretty much my worst nightmare.  I’m not saying that you should pull your kids out of school for a cost effective vacation, I’m just saying that I’m glad my kids have good grades (wink, wink). I’ve been in the mom […]

7 Ways to say Farewell to Summer Vacation

I’ve got that summer time sadness and so do my children.  We have been setting up our home and schedules for back to school. Bulletins are up, sitters are scheduled and all summer clothes that will not fit next year has been packed.  Still, there are a few official summer vacation nights left and we […]

The Berenstain Bears LIVE!

I married Papa Bear.  We watched the Berenstain Bears Live a few weeks ago and my husband and I laughed so hard because him and Papa Bear follow the same diet of sugary sweets.  It was an early Saturday morning for us and instead of us dozing off, we were all very involved and entertained […]

7 ways make your road trip (with kids) less miserable

Summah! Summah!  Summah time!  It’s here!  It’s finally here!  Summer is here and while according to our calendar it arrived on June 21st, our dreary weather begs to differ.  Summer means that many families across not only our country but the world are planning road trips, vacations and holidays (if they’re fancy) to create a […]

Imagination Movers come to New Jersey!

Are you ready to rock?  Are you ready to see a rock band that has performed at the White House for two presidents live on stage?  Great, because the Emmy award winning rock band, Imagination Movers are coming to New Jersey!  If you have children, the chances are that you have caught yourself humming the tune […]

Night at the (Gutierrez) Museum

Long, long ago in a world where the 1 and 9 trains both existed, this girl visited the American Museum of Natural history at least twice a year with her classroom and way too many times with my family.  My tiny cross color and fanny pack wearing feet walked through the hall of North American […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!  May 2015 be filled with love, health, fortune and love again. Thank you all for your support in the last year that I decided to “actively” blog.  Life has thrown a lot of monkey wrenches in our lives in the past year and it isn’t until now I know that we are all […]

All I wanted

All I wanted was one good picture.  Just one.  The anxiety my family makes me go through to take a picture is unreal.  This past Sunday we went to see fireworks and all I wanted was one picture.  One picture with my husband and children facing me while the glorious fireworks were in the background. […]

We don’t shake our tushies in Minnesota!

That’s not what I heard!  We had a little Rio Slumber party the other night filled with coloring, crosswords that made my middle child act just like a middle child, being called out by my daughter and told that my Samba dancing looked like tap dancing and more. Rio. Riiiiio, still l can’t get that […]

Field Station Dinosaurs

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s T-rex!  I mean, it’s some other dinosaur that looks a lot like T-rex!  One thing I can tell you about Field Station Dinosaurs in Secaucus, NJ is you besta bring your A-Game and make sure you know your dino-knowledge.  The mini Ross Gellars that we encountered knew their […]