Not Guilty!

It’s one of those days.  Your kid is being particularly annoying, you just got a good glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realize that you are growing a mustache, your kitchen sink has at least 4 sippy cups in it and you have not taken a Buzzfeed quiz in at least 24 hours.  It’s […]

iPad finds

I know this doesn’t just happen to me.  I give my kids the iPad so that they can ignore me while I squeeze in some QT with Facebook  and a few days later when I’m looking through my pictures I find countless selfies, many with my son’s head on a dress as well as many […]

Do you believe in mermaids?

Since yesterday was such a beautiful day, I decided to make it a Sofia the First afternoon.  My girls came home to their Sofia the First costumes and a few activities planned.  They quickly finished their homework, changed into their ball gowns and the fun began.  We printed out some free Sofia the first activities from […]