You down with PPD? My ride with Postpartum Depression.

Yeah you know me!  Say it loud, say it proud!  I have hopped on the Postpartum depression roller coaster three times.  Call me controversial but I am convinced that every single woman that goes through the grueling pregnancy process goes through some sort of PPD.  The problem is that if we do not talk about it, women […]

Smiling it Forward

First, I have to thank you for all of the brilliant questions you posted for me to present at the Smiling it Forward event today.   Dr. Aliza was so informative and took the time out to answer a few of your questions.  My mind was blown by some of the answers!  So, thank you again […]


  Fashforward by mrselleg featuring a mac cosmetics lipstick Zara blazer / Print pencil skirt / Zara city bag / BaubleBar sparkle jewelry / MICHAEL Michael Kors adjustable bracelet / Mac cosmetics lipstick What does one wear when one has to be a) Fashion Forward, b) Comfortable enough to drive, take 2 trains and walk […]


My mother and I went out to lunch, we began talking about the difficulties of being a woman and she looked at me straight in the face and said, “I feel like I have failed you all as a mother.”  Now, I wasn’t sure if I should pity her, be highly offended that she was looking […]

“I don’t want no stretch marks on my belli”

  “Cuz your belli so belli-licious for your bayyybaaaaahhh” You’re so vain….  (I know, two songs in one post, I can’t help myself!)  Not gonna lie, my best friend and I love loving ourselves.  Now, I’m not saying that I expect wind in the hair every time I walk in the room just that it […]


Do the dishes, fold the laundry, CINDER-MOMMY!  Am I the only one that has mom friends that brag about all the chores they get done on their social media? “Took the kids to school, got the car washed, bought Jack some organic bananas and it isn’t even 9AM!”, this is then followed by a few […]

Can’t we all just get along?

“No one cares what you look like.” I hear this comment come out of women’s mouths so much when referring to my attire.  It usually comes along with a side of, “You’re so dressed up.  I used to do that but then I realized that no one cared what I looked like.”  Okay, so what is really […]

Mind your manners

Okay, what the hell goes on in the park?  Like many other parents I detest taking my children to the park.  First and foremost, I’m a helicopter mom. I am not ashamed.  Secondly, I’m not a germaphobe but how often do you see someone giving the monkey bars a good rub down? I mean.  There HAS […]

Rites of Passage

If you ever want to feel good about your parenting,  grab a seat next to me.  I love my children.  I live for them, they are tiny pieces of me.  Sometimes even annoying pieces of me but not as annoying as my stretch marks which are not so tiny by the way.  Like every other […]

How about a horse and carriage?

A few days ago I was scared.  I have not been feeling very well for a few weeks months but I’m a mom and I don’t have time to go to the doctor for myself.  There are lunches to be packed, clothes to be set, dinners to be served and extra curricular activities to attend.  I […]