7 things I do NOT want on Mother’s Day

Yes, I’m a mother.  Yes, there happens to be a day of the year that is set out to specifically celebrate having my insides exposed in an operating room and bringing life into this world but I have to openly admit all the things that I do NOT want to experience on Mother’s Day. Here are […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

I can’t say that my mother ever brushed my hair, had my favorite home cooked meal ready for me when I got home from school or would stay up late at night with me when my stomach hurt.  However, I can say that she walked all over New York City one summer trying to find […]

An Afternoon of Art and Beauty

Who can ask for anything more?   My daughter and I were invited to a delightful afternoon with VIVE at the Children’s Museum of Art.  We were warmly greeted and as quickly as my daughter was directed to the crafts, I was directed to the mimosas (heaven).  There was a staff of hair and make […]