Back to School in Minted Condition

Shopping for school supplies on Back to school week is a little like shopping for Christmas gifts on December 24th.  There’s a list that must be fulfilled and a parent behind it that will do anything to get it.  I might have nose dived for the last pink butterfly soft pencil pouch.  My husband says I […]

‘Twas the Night before Preschool

‘Twas the night before preschool and all through the house was a mother stirring her margarita on the rocks. The backpack was checked and the outfit was set While images of her newborn danced in her head. Papa contemplating that it has already been three years… Mama wondering if she’ll keep her heirloom earrings in her ears! […]

Last day of school

Anyone want to photoshop a 1st and last day sign onto a pic of my girls?  Totally meant to do this in September but then I  told myself that I would do it tomorrow, then next week and now it is June and school is officially over.  I love all the first and last day […]

And the award goes to,

The end of the school year is approaching (or has approached already for some) and with that comes awards season.  It isn’t like it was when I was a kid where awards were based on academics, now everyone in the classroom gets an award of some sort.  I think it’s a cute idea for primary […]