7 Ways to say Farewell to Summer Vacation

I’ve got that summer time sadness and so do my children.  We have been setting up our home and schedules for back to school. Bulletins are up, sitters are scheduled and all summer clothes that will not fit next year has been packed.  Still, there are a few official summer vacation nights left and we […]

7 things I want YOU to make me at your next BBQ

You know what I love?  Barbecues.  You know what I love cooking on the grill?  Seafood.  You know what I love even more than barbecues and seafood?  When you make it for me. I love barbecues and what I love even more is when I do not have to host them. Yes, I hate entertaining, […]

Tour de NYC Part One

There is nothing like summer in New York City.  The humidity, the feeling of the hot exhaust coming from a car when you are crossing the street.  The funk.  The sweaty stranger who rubs his sweat up against you on a busy cross street.  And on weekends, while many New Yorkers go to the Hamptons, […]